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Tomcat Bridgebuilders is a 501(c)(3) organization and consists of a Board of Directors and team of community volunteers who want to ensure a brighter future for the  youth  and  citizens  of  Trimble  Township and surrounding communities.  The group  is  accomplishing  this  by working  to  bridge the gaps that will lead to a stronger community.

TCBB works with the citizens of Glouster, Jacksonville, Trimble. Once a thriving coal producing area, the population was hard-working and supportive individuals. We believe our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and our community will once again thrive. The first step to this brighter tomorrow is counteracting the substance abuse problems that have affected our area. We invite you to attend our meetings.

                                                                                        Be Part of the Solution!


                                                                           Meetings are held the first Wednesday
                                                                           of each month beginning at 5:30 pm.

Due to current circumstances, meetings are held at various locations.
For information on each months meeting, please visit this site or use our
Contact Form.

Open to the public, community members are encouraged to attend.

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Our Executive Committee Board


Rebecca Handa        President

Kathy Trace             Vice-President

Jeff Ross                   Treasurer

Diana Chalfant       Secretary

Alice Richards         Member

Jerry Marang          Member

Svea Maxwell          Member

Sarah Fisher            Member 

Amanda Sawvel      Member      

Claudia Guffey   Honorary Member

Our Mission

Tomcat Bridgebuilders strives to create a pathway to strengthening our community through prevention, education, leadership support, creating and sponsoring opportunities and events for youth to thrive with healthy alternatives to alcohol and/or drug use.


Our Support Programming

  •  ​Partnerships   with   law   enforcement,  local government and  other  agencies  to  reduce substance use

  • After Prom, Athletics, and other youth activities

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Community revitalization

  • Community  effort  to  access  financial support for projects

  • Grant Planning

  • And more!

Our Vision

A healthy, safe community free of substance abuse.

Our Goals

A supportive, safe, and drug-free environment. Engaging all aspects of our community, including, parents, teenagers, and younger children, law enforcement, and the faith community.

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